But just for kicks, I took my HDD and my drive up to the friend I mentioned earlier, the one with identical hardware. EH complete This leaves me with a couple possibilities. Sun Aug 19, 5: Abit IP35 Pro motherboard. I dunno what’s going on with this board. Vista x64 with Intel’s latest drivers, but it also failed in Ubuntu 7.

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Jul 22, Posts: I originally thought it was the drive or cable, but I swapped out the cable to no effect, and I tested the drive in my PC at work today, a machine built on some nForce 4 SLI gigabyte board, and it burned discs perfectly.

Abit IP35 Pro Motherboard Review

SATA link up 1. While these specs are enough for the average user someone thinking of working professionally with analog audio editing and capturing should look for a motherboard with at least 95 dB SNR and kHz sampling rate for its inputs.

Of more concern to me though is the fact that the board seems to have problems with SATA optical drives.

EH complete This leaves me with saya couple possibilities. It crashes Nero 7. Sun Aug 19, 5: This board also provides optical SPDIF input and output, making it easy not only the connection of your PC to a home theater receiver but also providing a terrific way to transfer audio from other digital audio sources that provides an optical output such as DAT and Mini Disc players.


On ubuntu gutsy live CDs, I wasn’t able to boot on my ippro unless I stuck irqpoll as a boot option. On the other hand, almost everybody uses the Gigabit Ethernet port connected to a Mbps local network or to a broadband Internet connection, ip53 far below the maximum transfer rate offered by Gigabit Ethernet standard.

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Anyone else having issues with this board’s SATA ports, or perhaps similar problems on other boards they found workarounds for?

Saturday, December 29, Abit IP35 Pro motherboard. Another difference between P35 and P is the south bridge chip. I might be able to tell you in a couple days when I put together a system with this board, but until then, sorry. This motherboard has two x16 PCI Express slots. The maximum sampling rate of its inputs is of 96 kHz, while its outputs supports up to kHz.

What is the max size Hard drive for a ABIT IP35 Pro mother board? | Overclockers UK Forums

The only info I found on the topic was one post over on abit’s forums, so I’m not sure if it’s widespread or just some weird ass conflict.


This motherboard also provides full 7.

RGrizzzz Ars Praefectus Tribus: The power supply is not an issue for me brand new Corsair HX and the cables seem to be fine. Jordi Ars Praetorian Registered: I dunno what’s going on with this board. Ubuntu gave the following information on dmesg when the disk failed to burn: Sat Aug 18, It’s not just you. Aabit x64 with Intel’s latest drivers, but it also failed in Ubuntu 7.

Sun Aug 19, 4: Nov 15, Posts: What OS you using? I’m thinking abit might have let a ever-so-slightly bad batch slip through QA. Alright, I’m not sure it’s entirely the motherboard’s fault.

This motherboard has 12 USB 2. Originally posted by RGrizzzz: Fri Aug 17, 6: