The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. If this happens, restart the computer to reinitialize the memory card reader. Look for an SDXC logo on the device or check with the device manufacturer for information. If two of the pins are touching, replace the memory card reader or have the computer serviced. This page requires Javascript.

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If so, reinstalling the memory card rdader software and then restarting the computer can fix problems with the memory card driver.

Look for an SDXC logo on the device or check with the device manufacturer for information.

Drivers for HP Pavilion dv4000 (EN445EA#AB8) notebooks card readers

Memory card reader yours might be different. This setting disables write caching on the device and in Windows, so the media can be removed without using the Safely Remove Hardware feature in the taskbar.

Make sure that the other end of the cable is correctly connected to the motherboard or an electronic card connected to the motherboard. If the memory card drives appear in Windows and work correctly you are done.

Do not insert or remove memory cards while the light on the reader is flashing. To use your higher capacity memory cv4000 without locking up the computer, do one of the following:.

If the pins a slightly bent, turn off the computer and straighten them with the tip of a mechanical pencil. Select Optimize for quick removaland then click the OK button. Make sure the light on the memory card reader is not on or flashing when removing the card from its slot. Inspect the ends of the memory cards for dirt or material closing a hole or spoiling a metal contact.


Replace the memory card if necessary. Memory card readers are devices that use the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the notification area on the taskbar. Memory cards appear in Windows but errors occur when writing or reading If you are having problems reading and writing data to memory cards, use the following troubleshooting tips:.

Drivers For Free – Hp Hp Pavilion Dv Cto Smart Card Reader Writer Drivers

Remove the side of the computer case by unscrewing the two retaining screws on the back of the computer and sliding the side panel towards the rear of the computer. Memory card icons are missing in Windows If you cannot access the memory card, or the drive is not listed in My Computer, use the following steps until the drive displays:. Insert a memory card when the light on the reader is not flashing. To reduce the chance of ESD damage wear an ESD grounding strap and work on the computer over a hard, noncarpeted surface.

ESD can damage components inside the computer. To be sure you are using the latest driver and firmware, periodically check for new releases of this software on the HP Software Download Web page in English. Electrostatic Discharge ESD is the release of static electricity.


Insert the memory card into the memory card slot. Asia Pacific and Oceania. The memory card reader software is usually set up through a plug and play process in Windows.

Reconnect the cable into the back of the card reader, replace the side panel, and turn on the computer. Make sure the switch is set to Write Enabled before trying to write data to it. Eject feature in Windows Vista. An alternative to restarting the computer is to use the Optimize for Quick Removal feature in Windows as follows:. If problems persist, continue to the next step. Formatting memory cards Use the following steps to readwr a memory card:.

Make sure you remove all USB devices. Do not click Stop in the Safely Remove Hardware window. Restart the dv40000 and use the card reader.

If this happens, restart the computer to reinitialize the memory card reader.