March 10, at Once the driver installs, for me I got a blank screen and I had to hard reboot. I was then able to install Asus Update and then able to update the bios to The last copy release is version and is a major update. March 17, at 4: I have great difficulty being able to read things on a screen in default colors.

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Springboard from mortarboard to onboard says: The battery is supposed to last for 9. How is Win 7 on your he running. I prefer a glossy screen.

I just need contrast to be ok. First impressions are awesome, system is responsive, stable, search is fast, battery life great and the environment is more consistent and visually appealing. I believe you could use a similar process with the other drivers to satify the ASUS utility.

ASUS Eee PC 1000HE Windows 7 Drivers

I love the idea of a tag along netbook. Windowss was then able to install Asus Update and then able to update the bios to March 11, at 2: Are you a paid employee of MSFT or are you one of their forum volunteers?

Just a note about the bios update. Once the driver installs, for me I got a blank screen and I had to hard reboot. A lot of guides will tell you you have to run compact on the drive.


January 13, at 4: From which thing to download, to writing it to a disk etc. Yes, you’ll notice better memory utilisation but I have 2 gig of RAM installed so not really much of an issue.

I have yet to upgrade to the released version of Win 7. You can also easily increase the overall font size to match your preference.

Download Asus Eee PC HE GE Wireless LAN Driver for Windows XP

I think I need a new look on my machine. Once I started the video setup routine, the camera was listed and I selected it. You also need an Ethernet connection to the internet so Win 7 can download any updates it need to propagate the install to your machine.

Battery life on the system ee pretty similar to running Windows XP and Vista.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have a HE for about a month now got it before it was officially out from JK in New York I too have installed Windows 7 and yes it does work great.

I loaded all of my programs and libraries to the larger drive when win7 was on the 8G, but I still ran out of space. Hi Joe — To my eye and ear, the Win 7 setup looks good for the disabled. I now have the perfect netbook for tossing in a backpack or briefcase for use around the house or on the road.

  EGOSYS [email protected] DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Running Windows 7 on my ASUS Eee PC H Netbook – Dave Glover “Down Under (Oz)”

Plus doing it this way you can get the added bonus of getting the latest copies as there have been 4 major updates since the January 10th official Beta release. Tweaks Bar the changes listed below everything else is as default – Super Fetch running, Aero running – Aero auto switches off when on battery and Power Saver mode selected. Not a noob, but little experience at installing from a usb thumbdrive if this was your method. Even with that wirelses, powerful, battery installed, the ASUS is only about 3.

Installing Windows 7 Ultimate on an ASUS Eee PC 1000HE

With the network off, screen dimmed, power set to ‘Power saver’ then getting 5 or so hours, watched part of a movie, did some email, read a few docs, edited a few pictures, wrote this blog item etc.

I no longer have this laptop, so Wireleds cannot update this article. Thank you very much, sir!