Host is Debian 3. So alas, that is not of much use. Remove the power and trigger buttons from the camera in order to feed the wires through. All commands use a bulk pipe. The card and for that matter the internal storage of the camera, too have got a standard FAT file system on them. In the nature of things, gphoto2 can give no information at all about a camera about which it knows nothing. But this camera is very different.

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So alas, that is not of flwtfoto use. It would be a good idea to review soldering. I hope that your camera has a card slot, and you have or can easily obtain a card and a reader. So I guess we are even.

Remove the 3 screws and take of the top circuit board leaving the bottom board attached. If flaftoto are no big changes, then I don’t need to see the log in order to get started.

The response is supposed to echo the command.

Displaying downloaded images – Radio Shack FLATFOTO B-020405 User Manual

Both Dave Close and I have verified that the pv2devkit will successfully create the finished photos from his raw photos. Dave’s camera has USB Vendor: Probably my luck mine isn’t.

Turning On The Lcd camera will not take a photo when you push the shutter button. Dave, this is not the beginning of this thread, but I thought you might be interested.


gphoto-devel – Radioshack Flatfoto camera, how to make work?

In the nature of things, gphoto2 can give no information at all about a camera about which it knows nothing. Playback Mode Typical picture-taking mode menu displays Picture-taking mode with flatfotl on Note the timer icon in the center of the display. Unless they did a nasty on us by switching firmware without telling anybody. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The color LCD comes on automatically in preview mode when the camera is turned on.

Data received from camera 02 04 00 00 00 15 00 02 80 43 04 00 00 00 0f 00 Response same for every command, except bytes 5 – 8 agree with bytes 5 – 8 of the command, to make sure this response goes with this command; here, bytes are a sequential numbering, which does not violate the Bulk Transport spec but is also not required by it 4c 61 4d 53 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 The response in this case represents flatfooto.

Radio Shack FLATFOTO Free Driver Download (Official)

Here’s my debug output if it helps. In the spec, bytes must agree between a command and its response. Don’t have an account? Vlatfoto find out more about Photo Impression 4. Theodore Kilgore This SF.


The $90 two megapixel FlatFOTO digital camera

Identify the power button and perform the same continuity test when the button is pressed. Marcus, if you want in, this one will be fun. Possibly a log or two to confirm that the firmware is the same flatfogo or different from the previous one?

I got as far as to write a kernel patch, but it has never been tested and is therefore almost certainly buggy.

Make sure this device is c nected to the computer. On Wed, Jan 25, at The Installation program will open.

Anyway, his camera uses flatfoti rather weird proprietary bastardization of the USB Mass Storage Bulk Transport protocol, and in addition the photos are compressed. Place the bottom circuit board back on feeding the wires from the power button through the hole.

It’s not a bad little camera really. Remove 5 screws to take off front cover 1 2 3 4 5. It is necessary to install the included software before connecting your camera to the computer. Bytes are all 0, indicating here that this is the very first command.