W Howard Norman 4 years ago. Overall, I like it very much and was much more than a marketing piece. Dusty 5 years ago. Is this the same Ping Man? Even the bag is ping!!! Sen 5 years ago.

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Firstly since I stumbled on you guys whilst researching clubs I cannot say how impressed I am with your unbiased views.

I believe goes the tto mile to put out a quality product. Ping was one of the first to do custom fitting for clubs. Brad Smith 5 years ago. They are forgiving and I love them and need them.

I love their products.

I am now to believe that there IS a better iron than S Cool insider look at the Ping operation. VtDivotJun 21, Scott 5 years ago. I am looking at Ping seriously as I research new woods for When are you going to release a milled B60 putter?


#missionPING: Uncovering The Truth Behind The Brand (Day 1)

PING is one of my favorite brands and this inside reshaf is wonderful. It is virtually impossible to match the color of Ping epoxy. Stephenh 5 years ago.

After seeing what goes into a ping I just might have to make my retirement gift a brand new set of pings.

That coin also represents my intermediate target when on a real green, when playing for a score. Ken O’Neal 5 years ago.

Would love to get my hands on a MGS version. If only golf was that easy…. I like the pics.

The pinng to detail is amazing to watch. Jan 23, Messages: I can stay to the fact that the customer service at the front end of this facility is nothing less than excellent as well. I have a question about golf balls.

Uncovering the Truth about PING

Look forward to reading your article tomorrow. Lots to see, lots to do, and only one day to see and do it. Toine Rooijmans 4 years ago. I hope you truly appreciate the opportunities you have been given. Again, data ohw better. Jason Scott 5 years ago.


Ping G5 Reshaft – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

The tour rsshaft really worth doing. Nick 5 years ago. Great read, looking forward to part 2…Always been satisfied with ping products and service. Kenny Griffis 5 years ago.